December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Why is it when one man see's, the next man turn's blind.

Why is it when i lie i feel trapped.

Why is it when i try to speak, i start to stu-studier.

Why do i fall for traps over and over again.

Why does the human race not consider there faith when it come to the end of there race.

Gun shoots shatter one's dreams.

Why is a baby's death in his mothers wound.

Why is it when one see's the light, they dare to run into the night.

Why is it when i speak it, i can't seem to write it.

Why is it, one's love for you can push them away.

Why is it, some of your friends turn into your best friends and your best friends leave you at the end.

Why is life so short.

Why do i know so much.

Why do i see so much.

Why am i split in half. Fighting the good and the bad.

Why; is the question.

The question i ask you.

Why do you do what you do.

I dare to ask you.

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