The Feeling

December 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Wow! When he kisses me softly on my lips and gently rubs on my smooth hips.
With his sexy voice he asks me “Do you like?”
I blink one time for yes. Then he ask me “Was his kiss alright?”

I slowly smile as he holds my heart in his arms like a baby I breathe deeply in cool air.
He says I love you and I began to cry while he sits his chin on my hair.

I wake up and just stare at the mirror and say,
Back then those were the days.

The author's comments:
i am a very nice person everyone who have met me loved me. i am the type of person that will all was tried her best to acomplish my goals. ever poem i have ever written i put my life stores in them to show my true feelings about myself and my life.
peotry me so much to me i can't even explain it. peotry is my heart its the only way to calm me down and when im going throw bad times in life.
i will always love peotry and life.

thak you

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