Out of Service

December 19, 2008
I love you,
I’ll do anything for you!
He will repeat
Over and over
Never pausing
To think
Never dreaming of another
Until another
Comes along

Why doesn’t he call back?
I will ask myself
Never clingy call
By no means more than once
No parasite to his adolescent being
I will so conveniently
Not to bother male bonding
Interfere with the testosterone
Hormones, never!
Yet a simple stroke across a keypad
Is too much for a boy
Not just any boy
Not just a friend who’s a boy
But a boyfriend

You deserve much more
Attention than I give you
He will say with puppy dog eyes
And a pouted lip
Not to beg
Not to grovel
But to assume
To assume that I
I will believe him
And go on
On as if nothing has happened

On as if the hurt
Was over nothing
Almost never there
Because he didn’t
Cheat on me
No massive fight


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