Have You Ever Been So Sad

December 19, 2008
Have you ever felt so sad,
'Cause no one seemed to care,
Did you look around your empty room,
And wish someone were there,

As you sat there by yourself,
Did you ever start to bawl,
And wish that a friend, a classmate, somebody,
Would pick up the phone and call,

Did you ever feel like crying,
Since there was nothing more to gain,
Did you ever feel like dying,
Just to end the pain,

How far did you go,
Did you go out and find a gun,
Did you put it down and stare at it,
Your inside demon had finally won,

Did you bring it to you're head,
As the tears rolled down your face,
Then did you start to wonder,
Had you really fell from grace?

Did you see yourself in the mirror,
Then slowly drop the gun,
Then burst into tears after realizing,
What you had almost done,

You're a talented dancer,
You have lots of friends,
Whenever you guys fight,
You always make amends,

After you got to thinking,
Why were you so sad?
Was is just a bunch of bad days?
Is your life really that bad?

Then you looked in the mirror and smiled,
You know that you've survived,
Now you've fully realized,
That it's great to be alive.

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