Lift Me From Hell

December 19, 2008
Constantly yelling and screaming out loud
Full of the pride that is bringing us down
Trying to lead a new generation
As idols fall across the nation
Roaring out names in which we believe
We take what we want, not give, but receive
Living our lives, so we're set to fail
life among people is like living in jail
Where is the light that Jesus once showed me
Where is my Father, I need him to hold me
Where was my faith when I needed it most
The Lord is my God, to Him I shall toast
At times we may stumble and at times we may fall
The Lord is my Savior it's He who I call
Give me the feeling I get when You're near me
You said to Your children, “Love, do not fear me.”
I'm not afraid to be still and stand out
I will be silent while others just shout
We have to be quite, but we mustn't be shy
Hearing His voice is what helps us get by
I lift my arms and I don't care who sees
I pray to you Jesus as I fall to my knees
Lift me from Hell and all of it's fire
Take me to You, You're all I desire

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