I Wished For You

December 20, 2008
Hide and seek, tag you're it,
Running around the campfire pit.
Chilly nights, a gentle breeze,
Without a jacket you're sure to freeze.
I'm in your arms, wrapped so tight,
Keeping me safe from the chilly night.
Roasting marshmallows, making S'mores,
You can't eat just one, have some more!
Loving these moments here with you,
luckily your family approves of me too!
Chasing each other, having so much fun,
I'm not positive, but you could be the one!
Everyone else heads off to bed,
but we decide on a walk instead.
We lay down and look at the sky,
A shooting star passes, you say close your eyes.
"Make a wish, maybe it will come true,"
"What did you wish for?", "I can't tell you!"
On our wedding day, I said, "my wish came true!"
You asked what I wished for and I said, "You!"

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