Burdens In The Sky

December 22, 2008
As I drift off to sleep,
With the night on my back,
The dark seems to surround me.
My eyes close
And I go blind to the world,
But my dreams have yet to have found me.

Through my open window
The moon shines bright.
I realize my breathing won’t slow,
So I sit up and look around.
My wandering eyes have no place to go.

I creep to the window,
In it’s haven of light.
And wearily, I look out,
Searching for something to keep my nerve,
But I guess I must go without.

The calmness around me gets eerily still
And I begin to think.
The stars and the moon are both there,
But often they don’t get to link.

Their appearance is only chance,
Chance of the gods and sky.
So I must sit and wonder,
Is a promise really a lie?

The moon only shines when she can
But still she can’t promise light.
The stars don’t always twinkle
And life isn’t always right.

Some look to the stars for guidance,
Is it an excuse they are searching for?

So, place a reason why you love me
On all the stars in the sky.
And I will sit and watch,
As night will quickly pass me by.

The stars aren’t always constant
And neither is the truth.
Love is lost and broken,
Like a lonely traveler in youth.

Maybe the moon will be his guide,
The stars may help him to see.
But the only light I can promise in this big world of dark,
Is me.

So as I drift away
The night heavy on my back
I think about the life I have,
And little things I lack.

My breathing slows and gets deeper
Like how love once did.
But goodnight, goodnight
My dreams say.
Goodnight, sleep well they bid.

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taylor e. said...
Mar. 1, 2009 at 10:32 pm
this took my breath away.
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