My Eulogy

December 21, 2008
By Kayla Garbison, Goodyear, AZ

People say that you’re gone,
But I disagree.
The light that surrounded you
Now follows me!
Your joyful spirit,
Your happy song,
Now belongs to me
And I know you’re not gone!
I miss you so much,
It is hard to say
But your memory stays with me
Night and day!
Your many accomplishments
are hard to provide
If I wrote them all down
it would reach to the sky!
But hears a few
to remember you by,
You made millions
And still gave to the poor,
Traveled the Globe
And ruled the dance floor!
From Egypt to China,
You made it there.
Always bringing back
A souvenir to share!
You were the first women on Mars
Discovering aliens
in hover cars!
Writing books so great
About your adventures
That they made
a multi-million dollar picture!
You spent some time in
Third world countries
Ending world hunger
Like it were the munchies!
You cured the disease that would not go
With you around
cancer was out the window!
Teleportation was a difficult task
But you figured it out.
No one even had to ask!
Pandas, an endangered species?
You would not have it!
They are here to stay!
Hillary had nothing on you,
You were the best women president!
Everyone knew!
Now that your face was on
the hundred dollar bill,
You thought you had everything,
It was time to chill!
But something was missing.
You couldn’t put your finger on it!
Finally you met him,
the prince you’ve dreamed of kissing!
Then you were Queen,
The Queen of England that is.
You got to wear a crown
And ruling was a whiz!
Kayla lived to be two-hundred!
No one knows how!
Luckily she died,
Though we were not sick of her.
But by the next millennium
We’d have a new dictator!
Her life was full of wonderful commends
But the thing that meant the most
Was definitely her friends!
We will never forget her,
I mean how could we!
Now she is part of our growing history.
So long Kayla,
You lived life at its best
But now its finally your turn to rest!
I miss you so much,
It is hard to say
But your memory stays with me
Night and day!

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