Oh How His People Loved Him

December 21, 2008
By Jath Di Cecco, Pittsburgh, PA

Oh how the world loved him
Forever young
Forever strong

Oh how his people loved him
He fought
He battled for them

Oh how his nation loved him
He brought royalty to a democracy
and for it, he was praised

Oh how his country loved him
He held his own against the bear
and brought his country out of darkness
and out of fear

Oh how his family loved him
He stood his ground,
against his enemies

Oh how his wife loved him

He was taken from her

taken from the world

from his people

from his nation

from his country

from his family

Forever young

Forever strong

Forever incomplete... Jack...Forever loved

The author's comments:
The elegance surrounding John F. Kennedy's presidency always intrigued me. The fact that an assassin or assassins stole our president from his people in one second made me ponder about what Kennedy could have accomplished, and how the world would be different, if he had lived through one or possibly two terms.

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