Lost Inside

December 10, 2008
You've been rejected
You've been forgotten
To make it through the fall
Remember what you got
I will not stop trying
Till you know your not dying
The pain can never be erased
And your loosen your faith
Keep you eyes open
Don't let go
Your just trying to get home
But its lost inside
I can see it in your eyes
Don't listen to their doubts
Just smirk and walk away
But the pain just wants to stay
And some how you can't find
What you've left behind
Ghosts lurk on your wall
But you ignore them all
Where do you go?
When you just don't know
No one to hold
Feel like your hearts been sold
Do whatever it takes
Just don't cry
Cause when I hear it
I wanna die
I'll give it all
Find the escape
You've gone too far
No one knows your out here
Spit out on the streets
Someone help her
It's no one but me
Nothing can be done
Shes drowning under it all
All that can be done
Is just to watch
She withers in pain
Going insane
Calls out for a savior
Apoligizeing for her behavior
Last attempt to survive
It swallows her whole
They have beaten you to the core
And pulled your hair
All I can hope
Is that you'll hang in there

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misstayv said...
Dec. 30, 2008 at 4:56 am
I just want to say that I loveed your poem " Lost Inside " on teen ink. great job!
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