3 in the morning

December 10, 2008
By Suzanne Holthaus, Cincinnati, OH

3 in the morning
3 am -- Still the night but so early in the morning.
3 am- When the lights finally go out.
3 am- I shiver like I do every night alone on the streets.
3 am- If the wind blows it even gets worse.
3 am- The streets stop and only you are left on the streets.
3 am- No longer are scared because all things have finally stopped.
3 am- Finally are truly alone with no fear.
3 am- The only fear is the fear of being alone again like every night.
3 am- All that is seen is the pitch black of the night there still is the shine of the moon that keeps me awake.
The hour is blank but still has so much peace.

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