December 16, 2008
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You’re beautiful in every way,
That’s how I see it.
Your big blue eyes,
Are beautiful beyond describable
And they make me live,
They let me love.
So powerful,
So undefined,
But at the same time,
And the greatest feeling in the world.
With you I can take on anything,
Alone I’m good,
But with you I’m great.
You lay your head on my chest,
I know you hear my heart beating,
Beating for you,
Singing my love for you.
When I’m not with you
I want to be with you,
And when I’m with you,
There’s no other place in the world,
That I would rather be.
I tell you my darling,
That I’ve never been happier,
And end our late night phone call,
With a strong and special,
I love you.

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myluvsong182 said...
Dec. 23, 2008 at 7:17 pm
aww...tht sounds so sweet..i wish some awesom guy out ther would tell me that 4 once lol dont stop writing man, and chek out my poems on this site...1 of em is called "Abandoned"
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