December 16, 2008
Is she the reason you ignore me
Are you and her meant to be
Is she the reason you don't love me anymore
Is she why my heart is sore
Does she do more than i can
To her, are you the best man
Is she a better listener
Does she talk about you as much as i do
Does she use the three little words: I love you
Does she see what i see
I will love you till the day i die
Will she?

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myluvsong182 said...
Dec. 23, 2008 at 7:27 pm
aww, i feel your pain girl...ive also had bad relationships where my guys would leave me 4 anothr girl. It reely hurts, but it doesnt go away unless som type of closure is done. Its times like those that remind me of a very important quote ive heard b4..."You cannot learn to be brave if you've only had good things happen to you"...hope this helps ya girl:)
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