Love Without Definition...

December 15, 2008
By Meredith Lipman, Kennesaw, GA

Love is patient, love is kind,
Step back and see your progress unwind.
Only time will reveal the strength you maintain,
And only God can reveal what you will gain.
Love is a game with twists and turns,
One minute you're breezing, the next it burns.
Roll the dice, the presure's on,
And will lingr within until you're praying it's gone.
Love is a sunset, colerful and together,
A nice sight, an amazing feeling, but can't last forever.
Love is an ocean that can make you grin,
But if you're not smart it will pull you right in.
Love is like water, clear and precise,
But can hurt when streaming down your eyes.
Just once, I put my heart on the line,
Hoping all will turn out fine.
You hold it, keep it, but hide it from sight,
Why are you doing this? What is the fright?
My tears emerge, and your eyes tell all,
No words were spoken, when I began to fall.
And this time not in love, for the rejection inside,
My heart can't reopen. I'm forced to hide.
Why can't I please you? Why can't you be mine?
Why do I feel this rejection inside?
You make me laugh, you make me cry,
I can never tell which side to buy.
You walk farther away from the feeling you once had,
You look the other way, and I can't help feeling sad.
Although, later, you try to walk back to me,
I will just turn away so I don't have to see.
The eyes that make me fall back for you,
The eyes that make me realize what I'm feeling is true.
Falling deeper, crying more,
For hours on end, until I'm finally sore.
What hapened to your smile? What happened to the care?
It's like the guy I once knew, just isn't there.
I love you, I do, but you're moving on fast,
Our used-to-be moments continue to last.
All I see is your heart somewhere beyond.
So far from my reach, that I cannot respond.
Someday he'll know I was always true,
Someday he'll say, "I love you."

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by true events happening in my life. All of my poems are real and true; which makes a better poem, because the emotions just pop.

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