The Notes To Peace

December 15, 2008
By Christina Rexrode, Cleburne, TX

The piano keys map out a slow melancholy melody
Then the angelic voices start their haunting song
The music flows through me
I feel overcome with a sense of deceiving calm
Then the tempo picks up and my heart follows along with it
The throbbing melody consumes me
The angelic voices are gone, replaced by violins
The violins melody plays shrilly in the background
My thoughts follow its flowing high melody
The notes make a stairwell that I climb towards the light I strive to reach
A crescendo fills me with inspiration and longing to be in the light
My heart and head rush towards it with growing speed
Rush rush rush! Along with the music
The music declines into a slow beat with a last throbbing beat from the bass line
Then the light is casting its warm glow on my face with the fading diminuendo

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