I Believe

December 15, 2008
By Leah Westendorf, Chapel Hill, NC

I believe that there is more to life than work
That you are still a kid when you are 16
That love is a gift
That family is a treasure

I believe that a four leaf clover is lucky
That knocking on wood reverses a jinx
That you can always have a second chance
That saying “I promise” is real

I believe that there is a need for change once in a while
That anyone can have courage and determination if they have a heart
That love is an unbreakable bond
That beauty is pain

I believe that my family will always love me
That my dog will always lick my face
That my sister will always have time to play
That my grandma will always have fudge for me

I believe that life is a gift
That a volleyball can never break
That I will someday rule the world
That I will lead others towards good things

Because I believe in myself
I believe I can do anything
That I can make the “A” honor roll
That I can get into a good college
That I can get a good job
All because I BELIEVE

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