show not tell: It's hot

December 15, 2008
By Maricruz Tierrablanca, Austin, TX

Show not tell: It’s hot

I’m an ice cream cone that got taken
Out of the freezer, and placed in an oven
Of a hundred degrees.

I’m in a hot dry dessert, in the middle of summer.
The rays of the sun make my skin feel irritated and dry.
It feels like it’s about to melt.

As I walk through the desert I finally see something.
A green island with green palm trees, birds all around it,
And I know this must be a dream.

It’s my own personal Oasis in the middle of this dry land.
The cool breeze of the wind make my skin feel like I’m in heaven.
The river water makes me feel cooled and refreshed as I put my feet in.

I feel alive again no longer a creamy, sticky ice cream
Inside an oven.

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