Beautiful Nature

December 15, 2008
Beautiful Nature

The spring starts to bloom with new life.
Flowers of different types, and colors start to bloom.
I can see new baby birds;
start to hatch into a new world.
The last of the snow is starting to melt away.
Then a sunny summer.

The sun touching everything, with it's bright light.
It makes every body of water shimmer,
 with an intense glow.
As the day ends a stunning horizon,
with colors as bright as the sun itself.
An unexpected show for every one to see.

Copper, orange, yellow, and even golden
leaves can be seen in every tree.
The wind blowing away the leaves on the trees.
Makes a swirling little tornado of colors.
A crunch, crunch, crunch can be heard,
as there being crushed.
Kids have fun jumping on top
of the piles of leaves, without concerns.

Then the fourth season comes
with a chilly beginning.
I can feel a shivering cold in every inch of my bones.
If I'm lucky enough I might even get to see
some angelic snow.

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