peripheral vision

December 15, 2008
By tessa thomas, Denver, CO

I see it out of my peripheral vision
It’s naked women
And ecstasy driven
The breast cancer ribbon

The blinding lights
Cars racing and dying rights
And for a second it’s there
The whole city
Its really there
I find them mid sentence
And laughing at the lack of common sense
But it makes sense
I see it out of my peripheral vision

These lines need revision
So step back and take a look
And the man yelled out of the backseat
He smiled at me
With words
They don’t make any sense
But they’re laughing
And the blinding lights…

This second everything we’re fighting for
Is discovered and uprooted from the soil
And to breathe it in with a heavy breath
And holding it as they turn away as if it’s their last
Chance to speed from this
Revving of engines and toil of misapprehensions

The feet dance on the peddles to the beat of
My fingers tapping and then the stoplight
Gives wave to the ocean of vehicles
Churning in the midst of confusion
And the red signals yield
To the ignition and I pray for one day
To go when the machine says stop
To pick up when all the phone lines drop
And to make haste in the dreaded day of
They’re never ending sorrow
And the painting to the right of my windshield
Where the rain drips but the paint is dry
And as I blink the color melts onto the cement
And the black street turns yellow
And the sky floats down and turns us into paper
And we fly onto the teacher’s desk to try to find the answers
And change the grades
As the weather fades
And it’s another day
To believe we can somehow change our fate
Before his radio collides with the border of the state
Glass goes through his wrists and his eyes turn black
And sound is the only sense remaining from the bloody collision

The blinding lights
I see it out of my peripheral vision

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