What You Do To Me

December 15, 2008
By Robert Davolio, West Babylon, NY

When I see you my knees grow weak, my mind slows and
I feel like I can’t move my feet
I try to speak, but no words come out just a stuttering peep
You respond with a smile

And inside you make me go wild
My hearts speeds up and feels like it’s about to leap
I can hear it just BEAT Beat BEAt
My mind is trying to catch up and figure out what to say

You just look at me and go hey
You give me a hug and I feel like im gasping for air
You give me a kiss and I feel like im about to dare
Dare to do something that I have never done before
I feel butterflies flying around inside like im nothing just an empty core
I try to think of something clever to say but sadly I don’t have a word to say
So u just walk away and say bye
And I just feel like I want to die

So I just say to myself this happens every time
I can never think of what to say or think its ok
but I know it’s Because of you I grow weak
You’re the reason I can’t sleep

One day im going to tell you how I feel
Why I just stutter and smile
But for the while I’ll just smile
All along though I know why
And it’s because I love you
And with out you I think I’d die

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