Let's Go to School

December 15, 2008
By Miamilee GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
Miamilee GOLD, Hewitt, New Jersey
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You sit there at your desk
facing the front, never turning away
You dare not get up and leave, even though you really want to.

So you sit there, along with everyone else, in a robotic state, doing what the teacher up front tells you to do and believing what every word the teacher says, because that's the way the teacher says it should be

You stare blankly, working hard, like a drone does for a quuen bee, trying to keep pace with everyone else in the classroom
Trying to stay focus on the senseless topics spoken, topics you know the truth to, but instead decide to stay quiet and listen to the lies

No, you're no Charlie Smith, who the other day got out of his desk and spoke against the teacher
He was shot in the head for his outburst, a bullet was his reward

Nor are you no Suzy Jones, who dared not only to speak against the teacher, but also tried to speak the truth to the class. She was right, you know the truth as well
The only difference was the she was beating repeatly with a steel baton until she bled to death, while you sat there in silence facing front, You rebel you

Everyday is the same. Listening to the lies, obeying the corruption, and abandoning the truth, while others stand up and fight against the waves of the evil and unholy
Dying for the cause of letting people like you know the truth

And what do you do, you just sit there at your desk facing the front, never turning away, being a good "politically correct" student
dare not stirring the waters of the status quo of the ways things are told to be

To you, like everyone else in the class, Charlie Smith and Suzy Jones die in vain

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