Flowers To Myths...

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Flowers to…

Born to itself, taking its own life
Earth, fire, wind, and water; the limbs of the void
Unframed and free, roaming the vast emptiness
The womb of existence

Her hair, lavished with flowers and rivers
Alone bore her children
Ouranos, to cover her, to be her equal
Gaea, mother to the Titans, the Cyclopes, the Hecatonchires
She suffered much pain
Her crude and insecure partner to blame

Father Sky, soon to die
His malignant pleasure was unsatisfied, physically and psychologically
He trapped his deformed offsprings in Tartarus, Gaea’s bowels

Caused by her chained posterity and husband
Ordered the Titans to harm their father

Young and daring
Accepted the order and a weapon to stay with him forever, a sickle
To free his howling brothers
To overthrow Ouranos
To castrate him
Golden Age
From the severed part
Came the giants, the Furies, the Meliae, the Telchines
But the distorted children were re-imprisoned
Kronos ruled the heavens, the Earth
With cruelty, like his father
Humans as entertainment, tortured and dying
He excitedly watched their ill-fate from above
Gaea and the deposed god, prophesizing the end
For the Titan king was to be overthrown like his father
Fearing the last, he ingested his sons and daughters

Sister and wife to Kronos
Queen of the Titans, lonely and hurt
Her brother swallowed their children
Fearing the end
Yet her solitude saved her last child

Born and replaced by a stone
Adopted by surrogates in Crete
Growing only to learn about his fearful kin
Growing to save his siblings
To conquer his father and his rightful throne
Receiving a potion from Metis
Furtively mixing in the King’s wine
Redemption to his brothers and sisters
Started the pandemonium
Among all gods

Freeing the Cyclops, liberating the Hecatonchires
Siding with the Olympians in appreciation
Zeus, with his lightning,
A hidden gift from the one-eyed ones and Mother Earth
Attacking back and forth
The Titan’s posterity won in the end
The Elder gods, trapped in the Earth’s bowel, excluding Rhea
Again causing Gaea pain, and counterattacked, but lost
Kronos, trapped in the dark cave of Nyx
Until eternity ends

Hera, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Zeus
Protecting and ruling marriage, agriculture, punishments and reward, the ocean and seas, the hearth, and the skies
Shielding and causing mischief
Godly, yet with human nature;
Jealousy, love, lust, curiosity, doubt,
Deception, sadness, remorse, memory, fear

Sprouting from the soil, looking up at the heavens
Blooming, waiting to see the new
Petals fall, all comes to an end, though not every
Pollen flies, new life is created
The cycle turns
Fresh, still novel to the society
Rising to the expected height,
Rebelling against the wind
Some overturn; others, peaceful
All soon to occur again.

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