What Everyone Wishes For!

December 15, 2008
There is a wish everyone would like to have. Over the days you think and think about that day.

You expect the sound of gorgeous bells surrounding you with peacefulness.

You visualize a myraid of public noticing a youthful woman walking, with grace,a type of grace no one can explain!

She is walking, down an aisle, but she is not alone. The woman is accompanied by her father.

As she walked the last walk down the aisle, her eyes sparkled as if she had diamonds in her eyes, or to the fact that she was about to cry...

About to cry because of so much joy, of so much joy in her. There she arrives; someone distinct or particular is awaiting her.

Upon that youthful woman was an ivory, snow-white gown. Rose petals are flying above and on you. Until you notice that day has already arrived, and for every thing you saw, was awaiting you.

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