No One

December 16, 2008
By Jena Roland, Lexington, OH

Life isn't fair
We all have problems
No one can stand on a pedestal
claiming to be perfect
we all know they are lying

No one's the same
we are unique in some way
Some may follow a single person
acting like that single person
We all know they are different

No one is ugly
Everyone is beautiful in some way
others may tell you that you are
so you see yourself in that way
We have a beautiful characteristic

No one is invinceable
We can be hurt physically and emothionally
some say they are so tough
that nothing can hurt them
we can all see through the mask
to someone who may cry at night

No one is perfect
No one is the same
No one is ugly
No one is invinceable
We all can change

The author's comments:
This piece shows that people may be this way but we all can change how we feel about things. People need to realze they are not perfect or the same. That they can be hurt and are not ugly. We all can change our perspective on things

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