The Heartless Truth

December 14, 2008
By kapana BRONZE, Waianae, Hawaii
kapana BRONZE, Waianae, Hawaii
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The stab of your words like swords
Slicing all my confidence to pieces
I don't know what to say
The truth is too confusing to understand
So much easier to just say I don't feel anything
Then to admit I might
Telling myself that it won't work
Without even trying to make it work
That's what bother's me the most
I didn't even try
I made up my mind that nothing was between us
Except mixed emotions
Even though it was so much more
And now I realize I might have ruined The closest thing to honest feelings
That I have felt in a long time
Now I'm stuck feeling like an idiot
Not because I have to face the heartless truth
But because I have to face it alone

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I realized that I had made a huge mistake and lost someone who could have been more than a friend. I hope that when others who are facing a similiar situation read this they will make a wiser choice than I did.

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