Dramatic monologue- Precious doe

December 14, 2008
(CNN) -- More than four years after her headless body was found, a child known nationally as "Precious Doe" has been identified, and her mother and stepfather face murder charges in her killing, authorities in Kansas City, Missouri, said Thursday.

Sweet little angel big sis really loved you
That day I know you was scared
Mom, dad on those terrible drugs.
You were struck just for wanting to be loved.

Day by day I wondered where you were.
Then I turned on the television and seen the news.
A precious little angel’s body was found.

Grandfather worried that was you?
But no one really knew, and then we all moved
Everyone lost sight of you

One year came
Everyone still lost
Seven years later
Justice was brought

Mom and dad now rot in jail.
Soon to go to hell

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