December 14, 2008
By Carina Alejandro, Orlando, FL

I look in the mirror and see that i'm crying. I look at my resemblence cry and ask myself "why am i crying." And it's because i dont have the baby i used to know, the baby that showed me so much love. I look at every tear that drops and think to myself:I cry for a reason so each tear has a reason. One tear drops i bet it means that I'm suffering.Suffering of pain, and no love. Suffering for someone that i love that hurts me and stabs me with his actions.Suffering of to many problems.A second tear drops. This tear came down leaving a scar.A scar from the heat it enabled from the anger i have inside. Anger towards the people that are two-faced and treat me wrong. Anger towards what my boyfriend and two-faced lieing friend had goin on behind me. Anger towards myself of giving people chances,letting them take advantage, and letting them put me down. A third cold tear falls.One word discription:depression. Depression becase I'm loosing someone i really love. A fourth tear slips down. Yes atlast! Happiness...Happiness to being with him still,and that he still loves me in a way. A fifth one drops, a sixth one , then another and another one after that.I wonder what those tears may mean, can you?

The author's comments:
well, what inspired me to write this peace was a great struggle between me and i loved one i was with for 5 years and at the beginning of my sophmore year we decided to break it off officialy. He found another one and it hurt greatly but i know deep inside anythng that happened he knows i still love him.i hope the reader would understand or get a clue about how i felt after the great tension or pain i felt for every break up. i hope for them to create a picture in their minds and hopefully connect to it as my friends can..

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