Final Gate

December 14, 2008
Hey what is it that you do?
Did you ever think about walking in my shoes?
I know you're lost but I can't really help you,
It's sad to see what he does, what he does to hurt us

I can see her there as she screams her cries
He is sitting, watching her with this sly smile envelope his eyes
I wonder if she knows, like how I never knew
Since those days have passed I have surely grew
Did I lose the battle or the war?
I'm really not so sure anymore

I know nothing about your kind,
I'm scared to see myself in the mirror
But she won't reveal your evil mind
Time to stop this clock from clicking so loudly in my head

Pour some salt into her open wound,
Don't worry soon you will get attuned
He just sits there and opens her up to see
What horror pain can really be?
She falls over for the last time
Her breath slows her heart to a feint chime

I know their type I've been through this
But what did she see in him that he didn't feel
What did she see in him that you couldn't miss?
Her hands they shook in silence of her tears

It's all over now
Her finally words spoke this vow
With her last breath she told him to die
Come with her and ask me why
I know love she loved him still
With her last breath he was her will

In this knife that fell from my hand
I gave her hope and asked him within
They return to this land
What was left was not pain

I know what sorrow feels like
This hell of mine where I still lie in strike
What mistakes could we have made?
When we fell and shook still look to shade
I'll sacrifice myself to let you have my heart
At the final gates is where we part

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ShernayB. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 29, 2010 at 3:13 pm

This is very deep and delicate.

Keep writing dear.

Check out my work please.

Rate and leave a comment if you wish. Thanks!

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