Opera Comique

December 14, 2008
I'll teach you but nothing,
I'll show you my words.
Until you can't fathom
the bees and the birds
that fly: speed of light
inside my small mind.
When angry I keep them.
But kill when I'm kind.

Your sad and your sobbing.
Now where is that from?
I'll make you cry harder
then I'll make you come
to your senses, I hate them!
I want them all gone.
You need to be laughing.
You need to have fun.

I can see that your angry;
your burning inside.
But that never matters,
squeeze my special side
ways and backwards
you wonder 'bout me.
Your finally laughing,
I finally see
the light from the candles
and heat from the sun.
Two more of these stanzas
and I will be done.

So now when the sun sets
and moon rises to full,
I stare at my ceiling
and try not to drool
on my carpet of black shag
and shadows of three,
when I finally realize
I'm voodoo to me.

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