Do you Remember?

December 14, 2008
By Medit Toth, Anchorage, AK

Do You Remember?
Do you remember that day and the promise we made?
We were under that old oak, in its shade,
The sun was high, the air was warm…
And then the wind began that storm.
We searched for shelter, but all we could find,
Was that old barn, the only one of its kind.

When we reached that hallow empty place,
And arrived inside its dry, but chilly embrace,
We were both already soaked down to our skin,
But as always, you had on that smile, that grin.
I knew nothing could daunt your spirit or will,
And that your youth, time could never kill.

We stood by and waited for the rain to stop,
Then we saw the lightning flash, and thunder ‘pop’.
I stepped away from the door in childish fear,
But then you took my hand, and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”
I looked into your eyes, those bright emerald jewels,
And I knew we were two of a kind, we two young fools.

The rain poured down for hours and hours,
To stay awake was not in our power.
We settled in on the large piles of hay,
Sleep had claimed our senses, and we were tired from the day.
You fell asleep with quickness and ease,
But I was still awake, because of the icy breeze.

I tossed and I turned, rubbed at my arms,
But the cold ever tortured, like a wicked charm.
I looked over at you, silent and calm,
And I nearly cried because of the cold to my palm.
I lay there shivering, tired and cold,
But suddenly you reached over and took hold.

Your hand was so warm, like gentle sunlight,
Then you drew me closer, and clung to me tight.
I felt the cold diminish, and warmth set in,
Warmth from your heart, only a friend could win.
We stayed near to each other all night long,
Fighting the bitter cold, our hearts beating one song.

Morning came, and when I awoke,
You were still beside me, and the silence broke.
First you yawned, mouth open big and wide,
I laughed at your funny face, then looked outside.
“The storm is over,” I said to you aloud,
“The sky is clear and without a single cloud.”

And then you smiled at me, your eyes shone,
As you spoke to me, as always, in a friendly tone.
“That was quite the adventure, wasn’t it?
And I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed every bit.”
I smiled and chuckled at your cocky grin,
You laughed a little too, your spirit giving in.

It was in that moment, when we left the barn,
My mind began to wonder, and tangle like yarn.
How long would our friendship last after this?
Would we forget each other? Would our shot miss?
Thinking about that, I started to cry,
And then you looked at me and asked why.

I told you how I felt, and what I feared,
How I felt that the end of our friendship neared.
But you just smiled and held my hand,
You told me that you understand.

There we were again, under that tree,
And you promised that you would never forget me.
Drying my tears and smiling, I promised too,
That I in turn, would never forget you.
Once again, you grinned that grin, and you winked at me,
And then I knew our friendship would last for eternity.

That was six years ago now, and here I stand,
Alone under the old oak, looking over the land.
The sun is high, just like that day,
But my heart sinks, knowing you’re far away.
It was merely days since then,
… That I never saw you again.

Do you remember the promise we made,
Or did you forget it, like a debt that must be paid?
I never forgot, and in an odd way,
I feel like you’re closer to me every day.
The wind starts to blow, and I feel its chill,
And I hear your voice, whispered from the hills.

My head full of doubt, I look to the sky,
But then something near catches my eye.
I turn my head towards the source,
But I see nothing and think, “Of course.”
Suddenly I feel the wind get colder,
And then feel your hand on my shoulder.

I turn to look at you, and see your face,
But with a heavy heart I see… I’m alone in this place.
Your grip remains firm on my arm,
Though it doesn’t mean any kind of harm.
I stand still in that moment and listen,
And for a moment, I see your eyes glisten.

Slowly, I lay my hand on my heart,
And then I know you were always there from the start.
No matter what and no matter where,
You were my friend, and you were always there.

I know you remember the promise we made,
Because in each other’s hearts… We’ve always stayed.

The author's comments:
This piece was dedicated to my friend Conner from 4th grade, who moved away and I miss him very much.

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