December 14, 2008
By Alexandria Miracola, Oak Harbor, OH

Why didn't you answer?
Why don't you care?
Why don't you realize that
where you're headed is nowhere?
The drugs won't kill the pain.
Your problems stay the same.

The path that you're goin' down
is an endless road of misery.
If you're not careful, you will drown
The life you want'll be history.

Why can't you be
the man that I expected?
Why can't you see
The talent that you're wastin'?
The reflection in the mirror's ugly
You despise the face you see.
You see your lies more clearly
And wonder, "Will they ever stop haunting me?"

They tell you what you're doing's wrong
you just look the other way.
You tell them that they caused your problems
when you know you're the one to blame.

But you keep walking in your world of pretend
Never knowing, always wondering if you're nearing the end.
You think you're so clever, but you're naive as ever.
Spinning in a fantasy world
up on cloud nine.
Oblivious to the REAL world
you'd rather be blind.

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