Love, What I Know

December 14, 2008
By Monica Hoh, Albany, NY

Love is like an ocean
Washes up on the shore of our hearts
Spills over and overflows
Recedes into an abyss
Of emotion

Love changes with the seasons
The spring brings a new love
In the summer
It is warm and playful
The fall adds a bit of chill and reality
Forbid the winter
In which our heart freezes
Waiting for a thaw of spring to return

Love is like a puppy
Starting out as a funny partnership
Nothing is taken too seriously
Falls down occasionally
But gets back up again
As it grows
It matures
And time passes
And it’s happy with love

Love is like love
Imitating each other and
Loving one another
Falling into the comfort of the other
When one needs it
The two
Beating as one
And the one
Making them whole

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