Lonely Heart

December 14, 2008
By Rachel Nelms, Vidalia, GA

Standing here all alone
No where near the place called home
Wondering if there you stay
In that place so far away
Love seems so out of reach
While I'm on this lonely beach
Standing here thinking of you
Thats what my mind seems to have wondered to

Wondering if your the same
Or even if you remember my name
All those years, so long ago
The magnificent times that we both know

Never wondering what was lost
And now my heart has paid the cost
Missing you is so hard
My heart is shattered to one shard
You made me laugh and made me smile
And helped me go that extra mile
I'll never know what life is like
Without you here my heart is spiked
I think about it all the time
And wonder what it would be like if you were still mine
But now you're gone sad to say
And I know I'll live another day

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