December 14, 2008
When I first saw you
My eyes couldnt look away
you made my heart sink in dismay
You wanted me and I wanted you
Something started to fade
I had no clue
I made a big mistake
I made you hurt
I didnt even think
But then it was to late
You were sad and filled with sorrow
I didnt worry about it
Figured i'd fix it tomorrow
It was never fixed untill I realized I did you wrong
Trying to repair you would take so long
I just couldnt do it
My all wasnt enough
I just made things so tough
When your eyes lock with mine
My heart statrs to shine
When im next to you I feel like im alive
When I hear your voice I have no choice
but to shiver cause the butterflies in my stomach are taking over
Cant figure out how I let you go
Your something my heart wants to hold
Im so sorry I made this mistake
Like I said I know its to late
When I breathe in and out my countious starts to shout
How could i be so bad?
How could I make you so sad?
It is My loss.
Your something amazing..

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