On The Other Side Of The Mirror

December 14, 2008
By Danielle Saliani SILVER, Astoria, New York
Danielle Saliani SILVER, Astoria, New York
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Little boy on a rooftop
Watching the streets below
I wish I could tell him everything
But nothing is all he can know
As my heart is restless
And my soul is crying
The little boy sits there
And I feel I'm just lying
The boy taught me everything
But he doesn't even know
I feel like breaking down and crying
But instead I go with the flow
How do I tell him anything
That he saved my life
I just keep my mouth shut
But he helped me through so much strife
I look up to him on the rooftop
From just across the street
I call out his name as loud as I could
But I was slowly getting weak
The boy looked down to me
And gave a simple wave
I stared and simply smiled
Because lies were all I gave
I charged for the stairs
And to him I ran
"I'm sorry" I said
I held the tears as best as I can
"Thank you" I finished
And looked up at the sky
Why would I be sorry?
But then I realized why
He ran up and hugged me
I smiled and did the same
But then I woke up
Only to see
The principal calling names
And the next one is me
He shook my hand
And handed me paper
Tears pouring down my face
I can't believe I'm really leaving this place
All my memories of junior high
Are slowly disappearing
And a whole new life is slowly nearing
8th grade was a roller coaster ride
But I never wanted it to end
Now I'm graduating
And the last thing I want to do is pretend
No more secrets
No more lies
They've got to know
How much they've changed lives
The little boy on the rooftop
Was only a dream
But it had value
It had mean
For he is a savior
And I can't disagree
He saved me from a deep depression
Now he must see
How much such a little boy
Can help me see things
On the other side of the mirror

The author's comments:
This is untrue. But it was based on real life. You see, this June I'm graduating and going off to high school. There is this one boy who is currently in the 5th grade and he just gave me more meaning in life. This poem is to thank him in a story format. In high school, I'll probably see this kid once or twice because he and my brother are friends, but now it has more value and meaning to it. I don't want to see him because I'm with my little brother. I want to see him just because. And that's what I'm really trying to say here. And I 100% agree with the statement 8th grade is a roller coaster ride because trust me it is but its a really fun ride and this ride will be over in June. =( So I know I may sound like an idiot repeating myself but I'm gonna miss all aspects of 7th and 8th grade at my soon to be old school.

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