my hero

December 14, 2008
By Hannah Pickering, Port Colborne, ZZ

D a d
Sometimes it gets too dark,
it gets so hard to see,
sometimes our road has bumps
and we forget who we’re meant to be,
sometimes in the darkness,
we have a helping hand,
sometimes when we’re drowning,
somebody guides us to land.
When your falling slowly down
And you’re world is crumpling in,
Somebody is there to catch you
A lover, friend or kin.
Everybody has that hero
To cheer them they are sad,
everyone has a savior
And I call mine dad.

The author's comments:
while we go through our teen years we feel utterly alone at times, it is in these times we forget those who love us and those who will always be there for us. my dad has been there through some of the hardest things. it isn't about knowing what to say sometimes it just about letting others know you will always be there for them. no matter what life throws their way <3 i love you dad.

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