December 14, 2008
take my hand...
its all i ask that we leave and see what there behind these 50 ft. thick walls.
i want to see past this towering city made from someone elses hope.
we can have our own hope
we could have freedom

take a deep breath....
and plung into the water, if they dare not swimm we will be safe,
no one dares here, not any more sense green of the valley was taken and life
natural with in its self...
smuthered by the indusrtial.

a simple wish....
yet so fare fetched its hopeful thing i hold in my own hands.
so simple, so taken.

the pavement which we runn on might cutt out the soles of our shoes and blister and burst open our feet, to bleed for more.
the water...so cold it might chill us to the bone, but blu and pale white flesh for some thing more is worth it right?

so will we runn?
will you take my hand and hold your breath?
for some thing to putt this longing down
i can not stay when my heart lingers on the edge of this tarritory.
this freedom.

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