December 14, 2008
By Ashley Tienda, Waukegan, IL

Endlessly staring into oblivion
wanting to escape, wanting to be free.
Under black pearls and red ribbons
she is restrained from hope, beauty, and freedom.

Restricted, unaware
cold and feet bare.
Long hair and tattered clothes
where she will live she does not know.

Winter cold and summer scorch
she has no torch of light for the night.
And as we lay in silver blankets,
she shivers with frozen tears.

She shares only fears
but no fears of passion or of monstrous disasters
only finding shelter for the night
or holding herself tight with all might.

Poise, responsible
she walks the streets alone.
Strong, forgiving
poverty leading her faster down.

Endlessly staring into oblivion
she will not be free,
she will not escape.
She will lay in winter's blankets along with frozen tears.
This forever, she will fear.
And that last breathe she will hold dear.
For the last time she will feel warmth.

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