Free Minded

December 14, 2008
By monica korb, Tucson, AZ

Welcome to a perfect place
Where the grass is always green
People live without a trace,
And there is no such thing as mean.

Welcome to a friendly land
Where it's safe to be just you,
Walking on the warm beach sand
Watching the sun set too.

Welcome to a postcard view
Where mountains are tall and bright
Everyday is warm and new,
Always a beautiful sight.

Welcome to everlasting love
Where family and friends roam
To be your protective glove,
And make you feel at home.

Welcome to my World!

The author's comments:
Okay so oringinally, this poem was supposed to be for a contest that my english teacher suggested i should do. So i submitted it and it got picked to be published in their book(youngwritersofamerica). But i want to know why i won, and i need you guys to tell me. Give me any and all your opinions/comments on my poem!! Thanks!!

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