A Suicide Note

December 14, 2008
Goodbye Life.
I am sorry I never got the chance to pucker my lips,
Never got the chance to kiss you properly.
I loved your beauty ,
But I was not made with enough strength
to endure your hideous.
I did enjoy you though.
Atleast sometimes.
The sugar cookie smiles of adolescence,
The crayola breathed giggles of innocence.
I will miss you most.

Goodbye to the soft covered spine of teenage years,
To the moonlit nights where the stars dusted the sky
With shimmering freckles.
Goodbye sidewalks,
And the pieces of flavorless gum I smashed into you.
Goodbye fluffed ponytails,
Love note deprived.
Heart ache.
Goodbye love and the lack of better acquaintence.
Goodbye purple ribbons,
Twisted like acrobats through highwire hairstrands.
Goodbye solar flares,
Global warming.
I will miss the sweet sting of sunburn,
The salty taste of ocean air,
And the feel of sandy fingers underneath my toes.
Goodbye to the ladybugs I was too afraid to hold.
Goodbye to the eyes who have met mine,
And to the ones that have and looked the other way.
Good bye life.
Sorry I never got the chance to pucker my lips,
Never got the chance
To kiss you properly.

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