In te Rush

December 13, 2008
By Dominiq Telfort, Spring Valley, NY

She was my friend, my companion

Someone I could not live without

She was always filled with life, love,

And Ambition


To escape the perilous community


To rise above the temptations

In the alleys of the streets


To have a better life than those she has known

Ambition to have Ambition

And keep it that way

Ambitions not to have life overwhelm her and become a race

She could not keep up with

Until, life did become a race and those


Began to fade

I told her to fight and that we would fight,


I told her

That everything would be alright

Then, looking at the lifeless expression on her face,

I knew

Together _ was not a word anymore

And that this was a


Only she could get through

So I waited and waited

For her progress

And when I came back

I saw what we had dreaded

The powder had consumed her

There was nothing I could do

But watch while roses were being thrown

At her


It was ambition that had brought her this far

And lack of it that killed her___completely


Have it and hold onto it.

Never get caught up in the rush.

And lose Ambition

Without Ambition, there is nothing

Worth living for

The author's comments:
This poem was written for evryone out there who has a dream and are constantly faced with obstacles that force them to reconsider their goals in life or just give up completely.At times I have felt both ways and I have risen above it.I am hoping someone will be inspired by my article.

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