December 13, 2008
By akd1993 BRONZE, Athens, Alabama
akd1993 BRONZE, Athens, Alabama
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Here I am. I’m standing in the exact middle of this huge room. I’m broken. I’m tired. I’m scared. But I’m awed. I’m awed by you. This huge room is overflowing with people but I have never seen a room so empty. Where are you? I need you. There are thousands of people here but somehow I feel all alone. But then you come. You gently touch my shoulder and whisper in my ear, “Don’t be afraid. Believe.” I turned, apparently too late, for you have gone again. I’ve never seen your face but I know you’re there. I’ve felt you more than once.
I wander on through the crowded room, stopping every once-in-a-while to ask if anyone has seen you. I came upon a little girl. She looked to be about seven or eight years old. I’m not for sure. I asked her if she had seen you. “No,” came her reply. “At least I don’t think so.” She danced around, a blue balloon attached to a string floating above her head. “What does he look like?” I felt like a fool, but answered her question. “I don’t really know.” And I don’t. But I want to. So I move on. I am bumped and shoved constantly by people making their way through the crowd, just like me.
Next, I ask a girl about my age if she had seen you. She had a clear glass of bright red punch in her hand. I asked her if she’d seen you. “No,” she said, set in her answer. “But I wouldn’t put all my faith in one guy I’ve never seen.” Then she slapped me on the back, almost causing me to fall over. “Go enjoy the party!” Before I could say anything, she was gone, lost in the sea of people. So I kept going. Where are you? I need you.
Next, I came upon an older man. He looked to be in either his late 80’s or early 90’s. He looked confused. He stood there looking around, scratching his little bald head. I asked him if he’s seen you. “No,” he said. “I can’t say I have. Sorry.” So I walk on, still. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone has seen you or even felt you. Am I the only one who has felt your warm touch? Am I the only one who has heard your soft words? Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and the lights start flickering. All around me people start to scream. I start to panic. What’s going on? I didn’t know what to do. But just in time you come again. Your light is brighter than the sun. You grab my hand and lead me on. As we pass the panicking people, I notice that they seem to just ignore you. Do the even see you? What’s wrong with them? I pass the little girl I saw earlier. She looked so happy then. Now her face is filled with horror. I reached out to grab her hand but she slipped back into the crowd before I could. I wept for her. She was so young, so innocent. But still, we have to keep going. You gently lead me on, through the crowd. Next we passed the girl that was my age. She ran around, franticly, trying to grab onto something to keep her balance. She looked up at me, her smile gone. She grabbed for my hand but couldn’t reach. Then the crowd consumed her, and she was gone. Still, we have to keep going. You lead me past all the frightened, empty faces. Oh, there are so many, too many to count. My heart aches for their lost souls. But we have to keep going, you say.
Next we passed the old man. He was still scratching his little bald head. He still looked confused. He looked up and saw me. As we passed him, I heard him say, under his breath, “If only we had known.”
“Known what?” I asked. But he was already gone.
Now things were falling from the ceiling. All around me people were getting crushed right before my eyes by the falling debris. I screamed and clasped my hand over my eyes. “Sh,” you whisper. “We will soon be home.” Then you picked me up and held me in your arms. I held tight to you. I held on with all of the strength I had left. You carried me up a huge staircase. I look back over your shoulder as thousands of people fall to the ground. I closed my eyes and somehow, fell asleep.
When I awakened, we were in a beautiful garden. It was the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. Huge shade trees swayed gently above us in the gentle breeze. You were with me. I could see your face! You were still holding my hand. “Why did you save me?” I asked. You smiled at me.
“Because you believed.”

The author's comments:
My name is Amy Davidson. My whole life, I have loved to write. I love making up stories. It helps me get through whatever I'm going through in my life. But the biggest inspiration in my writing is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To Him I owe everything. My writing is just ink and paper without Him.

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