Beautifull possibility.

December 13, 2008
Climax at the end, beginning, no end. Somewhere in between it lies. It is calm, but in sorrow, for what cannot be changed, survives.

Ending brings happiness, inevitability, happens, and the wait is more than it's worth. The thing that I fear, the ending isn't near, and before it gets better, it get worse.

Then an opening appears, when the ending isn't near, adrenaline is fear, but groundless. I am scared, unprepared, for something of this unexpected profoundness.

Possibility, arises, a way out, I think, my mind dances with thoughts of opportunity. But then fear takes hold, an idea is bold, but it takes courage not to fold, without immunity.

I shuffle on, no ending in sight, surely this is worse, than before. One step, brings commitment, for now chance is gone, I left all hope at the door.

Fear of fear, the most logical fear, and, I fear, the worst.

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