December 13, 2008
By Ciera Rose Carter, La Quinta, CA

You’re an addiction
To a point of disconnection
I’m half asleep and still dreaming,
The windows in my abandoned house are open,
The cool air flutters in,
And the curtains sway like the melody in my head,
Marks of feet wander on the wooden floor,
Listening to the boredom of life,
Traces of wanting to feel again,
As I blink to see polite ghosts fading in the distance,
I mean no harm,
But these are feelings I long to feel again,
Though it is spreading thinner air you dissolve quickly,
I cannot go long in the shade,
For I will shiver,
Can I have your jacket please?
I am lost without you,
Don’t you know you decide for both of us?
But I wont say anything,
Unless fate has grabbed me,
Pulled me to an electrical line and left me to think,
Forced me to have the energy of the line,
And then be ecstatic about what is playing on TV,
Kilem think to be me.

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