The hidden death

December 13, 2008
By Taren keith, FRUITPORT, MI

Hidden Death

I can smell it on you
The scent stains your clothes permanently
It can be seen coming through your mouth
In little rings like an evil halo
Hearing you inhale the drug is revolting
Sucking it up in long staggering breathes
The air taste vile after you light up
A sickening taste fills my mouth
I can feel the smog settle on my jacket
Coating it in a black layer of filth

Your body craves the nicotine
Not knowing what harm it causes to you
Addiction is hard on you life
I give you warnings about your health
But you don’t listen
Your body is dying from the abuse
Air sacks are killed causing shortness of breath
Everyday task become harder to accomplish
Heart attacks will happen and perhaps even kill

Outside, you know damage of smoking
The scent is unbearable
Rings of smoke are a nasty sight
Staggering breaths are revolting
Tasting the air is sickening
Smog settles on clothes
But you can’t see the internal damage
Yet it continues to occur
It’s a slow process eating at your body
One day it is going to kill you
Smoking is the hidden death

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