December 13, 2008
I never knew you. I never saw you. But I always felt you. I always have felt your spirit, your passion. I feel you. You have ignighted my desires to be different. To create endless pieces of me. But who are you? Who are you to make me want something. Something so bad, that it makes me shed tears of anger when I dont achieve the final result? How did you impact so much of my life that I cant stand the thought of loosing my dream because if I do, I loose myself?

You arent my mother. Your not my sister, nor my brother. You must have been a friend. No, that cant be it, can it? Because people who are generous and caring dont inspire me. No, you must have been someone who could cause a burning envy inside of me. Someone who is a liar, someone who made me push myself to become "the best", someone who brutally challenged me to no extent. But who are you? Are you my Father?

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