Another Woman

December 13, 2008
By Autumn Keiss, Sulphur Springs, TX

Can you see me

In his eyes.
Can you taste me

On his lips.
You deserve to know.
You deserve to recognized

The lust in his gaze
When his glance shies away from you

And turns to me.
You deserve to read the late night conversations

The talk of our lips pressed together
Where the only mention of you

Is a vague reminder from me
“You have a girlfriend”

The subtle words whisper.
“I want you”

comes the sudden reply.

It’s not that
we have done anything


by today’s standards
There has only been talk

There have only been glances.
But it feels like something more.

But a voice that I don’t want to recognize

is whispering

that it would be something more

to you.
If you could read the words

typed so neatly on a paper.

“You’re so sexy”s


“I’ll kiss you when you least expect it

and since I’ll only have once chance

I’ll do my best to blow your mind”s
Would you heart break

the same way mine does

everytime I see you hanging on his shoulder

everytime I hear him whisper “I love you” in your ear

everytime he looks at me

while he is standing

beside you

everytime he does what he

wants to do

with me

with you
Would you feel cheated on

Have you been cheated on
Would you like to know

That the “other woman’s” heart is breaking

while yours is beating strong?

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This article has 1 comment.

on Dec. 24 2008 at 7:11 am
i can relate to this poem and i think it's great; it deserves to be published!


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