Carnival mirror vanity

December 13, 2008
By Kiah Swinburne, Maryborough, ZZ

Carnival mirror vanity,
With broken shards of glass,
Eat my heart and soul,
Quickly, eat it fast.
Eat away my every fear,
Til all I see is slim,
Eat away my every fear,
Til my fate is grim.
Carnival mirror vanity,
What I don't understand,
Is why you must kill girls like me,
Is this what you find grand?
I'll walk away from my vanity,
Makeup, mirror, jewels and all,
I'll walk away from the vain killer,
I will not wait, I will not stall.
Goodbye carnival mirror vanity,
You show distortions in your glass,
You hid the beauty, showed the beast,
You ate me up, you ate me fast.

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