Wondering Why

December 13, 2008
i'm trying to escape
before it's too late
trying my best
to find my fate
to end this agony
to end this fear
oh to run away
before another year

they watch me cry
to pass the time
they wonder why
i begin to die
oh they ponder
over my tears
they don't understand
they are my fears

i can't take it now
they look at me and
just wonder how
i became this way
to beat them down
at the end of the day
they touch my tears
but i only feel
my dreadful fears

i become so weak
the feel of death
on my cheek
i close my eyes
and take a breath
but then it comes
and i find my fall
soon i hear them
begin to call

but too late is it now
i just lay there and still
you keep wondering how
i became this way
to end this life
to run away
you just don't understand
i wasn't meant
for this dreadful land

now you taste not my tears
salty and clear they are your own
forever you will now live my fears
hear the crying
no stopping now
if only you still
remembered how

sweet dreams to you
now kiss my brow
i feel so cold
you remember now
just laying there
no more weeping
no more tears
only sleeping

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