Bitter Sweet Memories

December 12, 2008
By JoHanna Kingston, College Station, TX

Bitter sweet memories

Look what all you've done to me

You locked me up inside my dreams

Made me turn from the world so free

Hid me away and made me bleed

Never left me alone to seethe

Beaten 'till I couldn't breathe

Bitter sweet memories…

Bitter sweet memories

Look me in the eyes

Watch me as I cry

Maybe then you'll get the why

Made my world float so high

Told me where I should hide

And caged me in your rhyme

Bitter sweet memories…

Bitter sweet memories

Locked away to be only used

For someone else's deep abuse

Never make the collar seem loose

A girl suffered and brought to use

Never to understand the truth

Feeling nothing more then abused

Bitter sweet memories…

Bitter sweet memories

Locked me up inside my dreams

Hidden away with secret schemes

Never to be set free

Beat me up and made me bleed

A stunning love that you gave me

Heard only by tears and screams

Bitter Sweet Memories

The author's comments:
This poem was based off of the same idea as Dean Koontz's The Door to December novel. Dean Koontz has always been a big inspiration to me, and it would be an honor to meet him, or even just speak with him. I hope that if he reads this, he's proud.

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